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The port’s business this week was hampered by recurring low volumes and weather-related operating delays as well as shortages and equipment malfunctions. This week, Cape Town saw significant regional effects due to the 30 hours of lost time brought on by unfavourable weather. This week, equipment failures were a major issue in Durban because their marine services frequently had only one tug available. As the Luanda Express was delayed by around 20 hours because to vessel ranging this week, worries concerning the second set of hydraulic shore tensioners in Cape Town were also raised. Additionally, TFR experienced ongoing cable theft throughout the week; nevertheless, on Friday, all lines were operational once more as a result of the quick work of the Transnet engineering team.

Key Notes :

  • An average of ~6 942 containers was handled per day, with ~9 567 containers projected for next week.
  • Rail cargo handled out of Durban amounted to 2 255 containers, ↑59% compared to last week.
    Cross-border queue times were ↑0,5 hours, with transit times ↑3,6 hours, SA borders ~7,3 hours (↑16%).
  • The UN predicts that global output will decelerate from an estimated ↑3,0% in 2022 to ↑1,9% in 2023.
  • SA remain reliant on imports (↑17%), as the lack of origin diversification threatens further disruptions.
  • Freight rates have fallen moderately again this week, with the “WCI” spot rate ↓2% ($32) to $2 047 per 40ft.
  • Global air cargo continues its recovery from the low levels of the new year and has increased by ↑19%.

Port operations – General :

  • This week’s port activity was characterised by typical operational delays- weather, equipment breakdowns and shortages, and congestion – even hindering persistent low volumes.
    Regionally, Cape Town was severely impacted this week, as approximately 30 hours were lost due to adverse weather conditions.
  • Equipment breakdowns were at the forefront in Durban this week as their marine services were down to one tug on multiple occasions throughout the week.
    Additionally, concerns about the second set of hydraulic shore tensioners in Cape Town were raised this week as the Luanda Express was delayed for approximately 20 hours due to vessel ranging.
  • Furthermore, TFR was once again hit by persistent cable theft throughout the week; however, on Friday, all lines were operational again thanks to swift work by the Transnet engineering team.

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