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This previous week’s port operations were characterized by equipment failures and shortages, inclement weather, backlogs, and congestion. This week, concerns about the cranes at South Key at Berth 108 in Durban were raised once more since numerous cranes are still experiencing lengthy outages that are impairing berth operations. A dry bulk vessel at the Island View terminal was delayed for 12 hours by bad weather, adding to Durban’s trying week on all fronts. Other than that, NCT also had a difficult week because the terminal was windbound many times during the week, with the biggest delay taking place on Wednesday for about ten hours.

Key Notes:

  • An average of ~8 053 containers was handled per day, with ~8 558 containers projected for next week.
  • Rail cargo handled out of Durban amounted to 2 850 containers, ↑84% compared to last week.
  • Cross-border queue times were ↑1,5 hours, with transit times ↓8,4 hours, SA borders ~7,2 hours (↑3%).
  • CTS container throughput (dry & reefer) is down by ↓9,5% (m/m) and by ↓8,6% (y/y) for September.
  • Global port congestion is currently trending at 10,5% of capacity (up by ↑0,6% w/w).
    Container capacity utilisation continues to decrease, as cancelled sailings remain high, this week at 13%.
  • The “WCI” decreased for the 37th consecutive week, with spot rates down ↓9% ($277) to $2 773 per 40ft.
  • Air cargo has decreased by ↓1,5% (w/w) and a massive ↓10,6% (y/y) in September amid weak demand.

Port operations – General:

  • Port operations this past week were typified by equipment breakdowns and shortages, adverse weather conditions, backlogs, and congestion.
  • Concerns regarding the cranes at south key at berth 108 in Durban were revisited this week as multiple cranes remain on extended outages, halting operational performance at the berth.
  • In addition, Durban experienced another challenging week on all fronts as a dry bulk vessel at the Island View terminal was delayed for 12 hours due to adverse weather conditions.
  • Elsewhere, NCT also experienced a challenging week as the terminal was windbound on multiple occasions throughout the week, with the most substantial delay occurring on Wednesday for approximately ten hours.

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