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This previous week’s port operations were characterized by equipment failures and shortages, unfavorable weather, backlogs, power outages, traffic jams, and congestion. This week, all shifts in Durban were marked by the anomaly of road shows, while the Eastern Cape had considerable delays due to heavy winds. The “Bear Mountain Bridge” also ran into technical issues on her journey from Singapore to Durban, delaying her arrival date. Originally, she had planned to skip Cape Town, but due to issues in Durban, this was flipped around, and she will instead skip Durban. Additionally, TFR was the victim of sporadic cable theft once more this week, which resulted in brief delays on the train tracks.

Key Notes:

  • An average of ~9 133 containers was handled per day, with ~8 300 containers projected for next week.
  • Rail cargo handled out of Durban amounted to 1 983 containers, ↓40% compared to last week.
    Cross-border queue times were ↑0,7 hours, with transit times ↓3,6 hours, SA borders ~7,0 hours (↓8%).
  • Global trade has significantly slowed, as the WTO “Goods Trade Barometer” currently reads 96,2 (↓3,8%).
  • The RWI/ISL container throughput index substantially decreased by ↓3,4 to 124,2 points in October.
  • Liner schedule reliability improved by ↑6,6% (m/m) to 52%, with average late arrivals at 5,56 days.
  • The “WCI” decreased for the 40th consecutive week, with spot rates down ↓5% ($120) to $2 284 per 40ft.
  • Air cargo rebounded by ↑3,5% (m/m) growth in October but remained ↓6,2% down from October 2021.

Port operations – General:

  • Port operations this past week were characterised by equipment breakdowns and shortages, adverse weather conditions, backlogs, power outages, road shows and congestion.
  • The anomaly of road shows was a prominent feature in Durban this week across all shifts, while strong winds ensured significant delays in the Eastern Cape.
  • Additionally, the ‘Bear Mountain Bridge’ encountered technical difficulties during her voyage from Singapore to Durban, resulting in a delayed arrival date and planned initially to omit her Cape Town call, but due to problems in Durban, this was switched around, and she will now omit Durban.
  • Furthermore, TFR were once again on the receiving end of intermittent cable theft, causing minor delays on the rail corridors this week.

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