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Container ships play a vital role in the distribution of goods around the world. With the largest of them having a capacity of approximately 24,000TEU, they facilitate the smooth flow of the supply chain across oceans and continents.

In the following list, we have included the largest container vessels in the world in terms of carrying capacity calculated in TEU.

  1. Ever Ace– 23,992TEU
Gross Tonnage: 235,579
Length: 399.9 meters
Beam: 61.5 meters
Draught: 16.5 meters
Flag: Panama


Operated by the Taiwanese container shipping company Evergreen Line, the world’s largest container ship is a new building that was launched earlier in July 2021, as part of a series of six 24,000TEU vessels, surpassing slightly its predecessor HMM Algeciras by 28TEU.

Constructed by South Korean shipyard Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) for approximately US$150 million, Ever Ace made its maiden call from China to the Port of Hamburg in August, carrying 21,718TEU which is a record for container transport in a single trip.

Its sisters Ever Aim and Ever Act are also already in service, while Ever Arm, Ever Alp and Ever Art are currently being constructed and they are expected to be delivered to Evergreen’s fleet by 2022.

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