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In response to disruptions caused by avian influenza and low supply levels of poultry, the Minister of Trade and Industry directed SARS to implement a temporary rebate on chicken imports. This rebate, applicable to heading 0207.1, was published by SARS on 26 January 2024 and aimed at reducing duties when local suppliers fail to meet demand. These measures have been in effect for the past two months. (see our previous blog for more information)

On March 1, 2024, ITAC updated the temporary chicken import rebate to correct errors in the previous announcement concerning specific chicken tariff headings (0207.14.1 and 0207.14.9). While the gazette for tariff heading 0207.14.1 (boneless chicken) was backdated to 26 January 2024, the one for 0207.14.9 (bone-in chicken) was not.

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