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The Tariff Amendments are made in terms of the Customs and Excise Act, 1964 by Notice in the Gazette.

  • “Amendment to Part 2 of Schedule No. 4, by the insertion of rebate item 460.04/1704.90/01.06, to create a temporary rebate facility for the importation of white chocolate, in immediate packaging of a content of 25 kg or more, for use in the manufacture of chocolate containing cocoa, in blocks, slabs or bars and other chocolate – ITAC Report 684”. Government Gazette: 49378. R.3918


  • “Amendment to Part 1 of Schedule No. 3, by the amendment of certain existing rebate items under rebate 311.42 and 320.02 as well as the creation of rebate provisions on woven fabrics and other fabrics classifiable in tariff subheadings 55.13, 55.14, 5903.20, 5212.1, 5212.2, 53.09, 5512.1, 55.16, 5903.10.90 and 5903.90.90, for the manufacture of goods classifiable in tariff subheadings 63.02, 63.03, 63.04 and 94.04 – ITAC Report 672”. Government Gazette: 49378. R.3917


  • “Amendment to Part 1 of Schedule No. 1, by the substitution of various subheadings under tariff headings 72.19 and 72.20, in order to increase the general rate of customs duty on stainless steel flat products from 5% to 10% – ITAC Report 644”. Government Gazette: 49378. R.3916