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The Spanish greenhouse vegetable season has restarted in Almeria. The high gas price that the Dutch growers are facing is an opportunity for the Spanish growers, according to Miguel Gonzalez of MG Fruit. “There is definitely talk about that. Especially the Dutch tomato crop under light was on the rise over the last few years. This is now becoming terribly expensive in the winter and the Spanish don’t mind that, of course.”

“But make no mistake, costs are also skyrocketing in Spain. No matter who you spoke to in Madrid last week, it was the talk of the day. In terms of electricity, Spain is the second most expensive country in the EU, but the costs of cardboard, plastic and personnel have also skyrocketed,” continues the experienced fresh produce trader, who has now been working in the Dutch fresh produce trade for 43 years. In 2014, he started MG Fruit with a specialisation in the products pineapple, melons, watermelons, citrus, stone fruit, greenhouse vegetables and soft fruit.

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