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Dear Valued Client,

Please take note of the Tariff Amendment published by SARS effective from 19th January 2024:

“Amendment to Schedule 2 Part 1, by the imposition of definitive anti-dumping duties on windscreens for vehicles, classifiable in tariff subheading 7007.21.20, originating in or imported from China.
– ITAC Report 722″

The Minister has approved the Commission’s recommendation and has requested the Minister of Finance, in terms of section 56 of the Customs and Excise Act, 1964, to amend Schedule No. 2 to the Act to give effect to the recommendation.

The five(5) year period that the anti-dumping duties may stay in place before the duties lapse if a sunset review is not initiated, will be counted from the publication date of the notice.

Kindly click here to access the General Notice from ITAC –  Notice 2277 of 2024