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Your success in international trade is of utmost importance to us at Savino Del Bene, and we are dedicated to keeping you informed about critical updates that directly impact your operations. With the recent SARS system enhancements, it is essential to maintain strict compliance to distinguish between the SADC-EU EPA and SACUM-UK EPA.

To ensure smooth trade operations, we kindly urge you to avoid mixing countries under the two EPAs on Customs declarations. This precaution will help prevent rejections and unnecessary delays in your trade transactions.

Additionally, we want to bring to your attention a crucial point regarding EUR1 movement certificates of origin. The certificates acquired under the SADC-EU EPA will not be valid for use under the SACUM-UK EPA. To continue benefiting from the trade preferences, we request that you apply for new EUR1 certificates specifically for use under the SACUM-UK EPA. However, rest assured that any EUR1 movement certificates acquired under the SADC-EU EPA can be returned to customs branches for reallocation under the SACUM-UK EPA.

If you have been exporting to the UK under the SADC-EU EPA, we highly recommend applying for Approved Exporter status under the SACUM-UK EPA. This step will ensure that you continue to enjoy the benefits and advantages of seamless trade.

Please note that non-compliance with the EPA guidelines may result in penalties and could potentially lead to a loss of trade privileges. We want to help you avoid any adverse outcomes and ensure you retain your trade advantages.

Kindly click the Read more section below to access the official SARS communication.

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