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The Port of Long Beach (POLB) has achieved a new record in 2021 by handling container volumes of more than 9.38 million TEU amid a historic import surge, induced by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Particularly, the US West Coast port proceeded 9,384,368 TEU during 2021, surpassing by 15.7% the previous record of more than 8.11 million TEU, set in 2020.

Imports grew by 14.6% year-on-year to 4,581,846 TEU, while exports declined 2.6% to 1,437,916 TEU compared to last year. As for empty containers moving through POLB, they completed 3,364,606 TEU, reflecting an increase of 27.5% over 2020.

The remarkable increase in cargo was driven by evolving consumer spending habits during the Covid-19 pandemic and pivoted toward home office supplies, furniture and exercise equipment.

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