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The entire world is dealing with the container shortage and although this poses huge problems for some countries, others might find opportunities they wouldn’t have encountered otherwise. One thing is clear, price for containers and shipping have increased for everyone, but some increases are larger than others.

According to Coskun Eren, head of marketing for Turkish fresh produce exporter Eren, the current situation with containers and logistical prices is the worst it’s been so far: “The world is going through some special times, as we all know. I don’t even need to emphasize the severity of the situation, as everyone who does exports knows how bad it is right now. At this moment both China and the USA have begun a container hoarding war and the entire world is feeling the effects of it. The situation got worse at the beginning of the summer and is still getting worse day by day. Normally container prices were fixed for an entire year, but now they change weekly, which makes it impossible to reliably plan and form a proper strategy around these container prices.”

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