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News that private equity companies – and others – are readying for a possible sale of DB Schenker by parent Deutsche Bahn has sent the market into a spin.

Reports suggest it has a value of some €15bn to €20bn ($17bn-$23bn), although others think it could be more, while revenues for the 12 months to June 2021 were €19.9bn, with ebit of €1.06bn –  which will rise for full-year 2021.

The increased noise around a potential sale is the result of the change of government in Germany.

As explained in this excellent article by DVZ, “with Germany’s new traffic light coalition government, the political situation has clearly shifted in the direction of a Schenker sale. The Greens have been drumming for a pure rail company and thus a spin-off of the global logistics subsidiary for some time. And the Liberals, as a private-sector-oriented party, will also appreciate an end to state influence on the company.”

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