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Despite some countries suffering from poor conditions during the grapefruit growing season, the general outlook for the fruit is positive. In fact, some places, like Texas, may even benefit from the unusual weather, as less fruit on the trees is likely to improve the quality and size of those that survived. Although grapefruit is not the most popular fruit among households, and is most commonly used in the food service industry, its healthy characteristics could be used to its advantage if the sector plays its cards right.

The Netherlands: “Good sales of Turkish grapefruit, less and less Spanish grapefruit on the market”
A Dutch fruit trader is currently importing mainly grapefruit from Turkey. “Those sales are going well. There are also many small sizes available. Prices vary around 11 to 14 euros. There is still South African grapefruit on the market. Spanish grapefruit is only sporadically found on the market nowadays.” ….

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