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This update – the 72nd of its kind and the third for 2022 – contains a consolidated overview of the South African supply chain and the current state of international trade. Newly reported COVID-19 infections averaged approximately 3 092 per day (↓16% from last week’s average of 3 661) this week. However, the daily number of infections has started to increase, with a positivity rate already exceeding 10%, which is a cause for concern. In total, South Africa has now recorded 3,59 million6 cases, with 94 651 (up by 702) regrettably losing their lives to the virus. Globally, more than 367 million people have now been infected by COVID-19, and there have been more than 5,64 million deaths. On the COVID-19 vaccination front, more than 10 billion vaccine doses have now been administered globally7, with South Africa at around the 30 million mark. But even with both booster and regular vaccinations now being administered, the vaccination rate remains low, with a daily average of ~68 000 in the last seven days.

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