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This update – the 71st of its kind and first version for 2021 – contains a consolidated overview of the South African supply chain and the current state of international trade. Newly reported COVID-19 infections averaged approximately 3 661 per day (↓39% from last week’s average of 6 037) this week. In total, South Africa has now recorded 3,58 million6 cases, with 93 949 (up by 960) regrettably losing their lives to the virus. Globally, more than 343 million people have now been infected by COVID-19. Furthermore, more than 5,6 million people have now lost their lives to the virus, although the pandemic’s actual death toll is estimated to be closer to 18-23 million7. Concerning COVID-19 vaccinations, we are globally nearing 10 billion vaccine doses8 – South Africa stands at ~29,2 million. The rate of vaccination has increased in the past seven days (with a daily average of ~74 000), which still falls desperately short of the targets set by the Department of Health.

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