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This update – the 74th of its kind and the fifth for 2022 – contains a consolidated overview of the South African supply chain and the current state of international trade. Newly reported COVID-19 infections averaged approximately 2 677 per day (↓13% from last week’s average of 3 082) this week. In total, South Africa has now recorded 3,63 million[1] cases, with 96 705 (up by an alarming 1 160) regrettably succumbing to the virus. Globally, the case tally now stands at 406 million infected by COVID-19, with the death toll passing  5,79 million people. On the COVID-19 vaccination front, the global numbers now stand at 10,25 billion vaccine doses administered globally[2], with South Africa at 30,40 million. New vaccinations remain low, with an ever-decreasing daily average of ~53 000 in the last seven days. Nevertheless, there is a general feeling that life is returning to normal, as shown by the Economist’s “Normalcy Index” inching up to 70 in the last week[3].

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