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This update – the 58th of its kind – contains a consolidated overview of the South African supply chain and the current state of international trade. On the pandemic, newly reported COVID-19 infections have once again shown a significant decrease, averaging around 1 513 per day (↓43% from last week’s average of 2 667). As a result, the country has again moved to an “adjusted level 1“, with the third wave now something of the past. The number of cases recorded in the country now stands at 2,9 million6, with the death toll at 87 626 (up by 971 – which is another relative reduction over the last couple of months). Globally, COVID-19 infections total more than 234 million, with the death toll nearing 4,8 million people. On the vaccination front, more than 6,3 billion vaccine doses have now been administered worldwide7. For South Africa, this figure stands at ~17,5 million, with a daily average of ~120 000 doses administered in the past seven days.

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