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Port operations were characterized by unfavorable weather, equipment malfunctions, and shortages. The primary operational limitations in Cape Town were vessel range and unfavorable weather, while equipment shortages and breakdowns hindered maximum performance in Durban. Our Eastern Cape Ports’ operations were hampered by strong winds, thick fog, and RTG malfunctions. In addition, a derailment near the end of the week resulted in delays and stoppages on some rail movements to and from Pier 2, and later this month, the Multimodal Inland Port Association (MIPA) will be launched with the goal of improving logistics performance, increasing efficiency, and lowering costs for the industry throughout Southern Africa.

Key Notes:

  • An average of ~9 061 containers was handled per day, with ~8 837 containers projected for next week.
  • Cross-border queue: ↑0,2 hrs; transit: ↓4,3 hrs; SA borders: 11,8 hrs (↓16%); SADC borders: 4,6 hrs (↓50%).
  • Rail cargo handled out of Durban was reported at 2 043 containers, down ↓34% from last week.
  • Global container volume (dry & reefer) is up by ↑16,1% (m/m) and up by ↑5,1% (y/y) in March.
  • Global freight rates have increased by a significant ↑15,9% (or $434) to $3 159 per 40-ft container.
  • Global air cargo tonnages were down by ↓12% (w/w), but overall figures for March are ↑10,3% (y/y).

Port operations – General:

  • Adverse weather conditions and equipment breakdowns and shortages characterised port operations.
  • Vessel ranging and adverse weather represented the main operational constraints in Cape Town, while equipment breakdowns and shortages prevented optimal performance in Durban.
  • Strong winds, dense fog and RTG breakdowns constrained our Eastern Cape Ports operations.
  • Additionally, towards the end of the week, a derailment caused delays and stoppages on some rail
    movements to and from Pier 2, while the Multimodal Inland Port Association (MIPA), which aims to enhance logistics performance, boost efficiency, and reduce costs for the sector across Southern Africa, will launch later this month.

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