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Port operations were characterized by unfavorable weather, equipment malfunctions, and shortages. In Durban, equipment failures and dredging and sounding activities hindered ideal performance, while dense fog and union engagements constituted the primary operating restrictions in Cape Town. This week’s RTG malfunctions, heavy fog, and strong winds limited operations at our Eastern Cape Ports. In addition, TFR has increased the number of GFclass coal trains carrying goods to the Port from 21 to 28 as part of the Port of Richards Bay’s recovery plan in an effort to reduce congestion there. In addition, operations were disrupted for several hours earlier this week due to a security incident on the route between Johannesburg and Botswana.

Key Notes:

  • An average of ~8 056 containers was handled per day, with ~9 393 containers projected for next week.
  • Cross-border queue: ↓2,9 hrs; transit: ↓0,4 hrs; SA borders: 14,1 hrs (↑23%); SADC borders: 9,2 hrs (↓7%).
  • Rail cargo handled out of Durban was reported at 3 101 containers, down ↓6% from last week.
  • Global container capacity stands at 29,37 million TEU and will reach 30 million TEU by the end of June.
  • Global freight rates have increased by ↑0,7% (or $19) to $2 725 per 40-ft container; YTD: $3 230.
  • Global air cargo tonnages are up by ↑5%, with average prices at around $2,47 per kg.

Port operations – General:

  • Adverse weather conditions and equipment breakdowns and shortages characterised port operations.
  • Dense fog and union engagements represented the main operational constraints in Cape Town while dredging and sounding operations coupled with equipment breakdowns prevented optimal performance in Durban.
  • Operations at our Eastern Cape Ports were constrained by strong winds, dense fog and RTG breakdowns this week.
  • Additionally, as part of the Port of Richards Bay’s recovery plan, TFR has ramped up the number of GFclass coal trains moving cargo to the Port from 21 to 28 to ease the congestion experienced at the port.
  • Furthermore, earlier this week, a security incident on the line between Johannesburg and Botswana ensured that operations were impacted for several hours.

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