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This update – the 46th of its kind – contains a consolidated overview of the South African supply chain and the current state of international trade. Now, for the eighth consecutive week, there has been a notable increase in newly reported COVID-19 infections in South Africa, averaging approximately 19 956 infections per day this week. Fortunately, the growth is less pronounced than last week, which offers some hope that this growth trajectory will level off sooner rather than later (↑18% from last week’s average of 16 916). Nevertheless, the new cases recorded per 100 thousand people remains high, at 33,3 across the previous seven days. The number of cases recorded in the country now totals 2,135 million6, with a death toll of 63 499 (up by 2 470), another alarming increase from last week. The total number of active cases remains an even more disturbing figure, with active cases now exceeding 208 000 as the Delta variant continues to spread at a rapid speed.

In absolute terms, South Africa has moved up to 18th place globally, as we have overtaken Peru in the last seven days. Collectively, more than 186 million cases have now been recorded worldwide, with a total of 4,01 million people losing their lives to the virus. In addition, a total of 3,4 billion vaccine doses have now been administered worldwide7. At the same time, South Africa continues with the pedestrian pace of its rollout program, currently standing at some ~3,43 million vaccine doses. Fortunately, the rate at which vaccines have been distributed has picked up in the last couple of weeks, but it is still nowhere the target of nearly 300 000 per day.

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